keep out. it's boring.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


haven't being updating for a while
had a dota competition last week
screwed up one though
but it's fine
i'm glad that some of my dota friends came for advices and suggestions

she's talking to me in real life like normal again
at least

dunno what should i do
i dont really understand her and vice versa
i'm scared i can't afford my expenses
i'm scared that i would bore her
the odds are all against me
i'll just leave it to fate to decide for me

i'm left with 1 ringgit in my wallet
help me

oh and btw i hate microcontrollers and assembly language

Thursday, June 14, 2007

this entry looks familiar

never starts a conversation with me
unless its something too important not to say
never greets me hello or bye bye
but she used to do so
never look me in the eyes
as if imma eat her up
she restricts these little actions
because afraid that imma misunderstand?

do i have to recognize the 'no' sign by myself?
can someone please tell me what to do?
she hates me being sensitive
because i think so much
and maybe part of what i thought is true
and i pinpoint those parts out
and she doesn't want me to pinpoint
but can't say i'm wrong
and still dont want me to say it?

sat's dota dota dota n no more dota aft that
and everyday's without her without her without her
i gotta go on with my life

Thursday, June 7, 2007

pure irony part 2

sometimes i wish i could turn back time
but there are always things that i've done and i won't be able to do it again
maybe i could do it better but it's done and its fair for everyone
but life's not fair
and i'm just too lazy

or am i?
my mind is just so blank when i see her
and its the other way around when i don't
but it's blank now
so i guess i'll stop now

talk to me laaaa~~
sob sob
like ur not doing it now
well you are

i dunno what im feeling now
but i know im feeling too many things now
or maybe not anything

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


things that i should be doing (things i didnt do)

study microcontroller
build it
test it
search for internship jobs
do suresh report
do chai report
make over myself

things that i am doing (things i shouldnt be doing)

kacau her
do nth

being having many super awkward convos with her
know i shouldnt talk anymore yet i still did
please control myself
or at least find something that she would be interested in talking

why why why?

ok lets not talk about sad things
linkin park's new album isnt that nice anymore
i only liked a couple of tracks like given up, what i've done, no more sorrow and in pieces
unlike the previous albums where i enjoy every song from the album
evanescence's sweet sacrifice kept echoing in my head again and again
open door , too is inferior compared to fallen...
liked lithium only after listening to album
guess i wrote this out of boredom