keep out. it's boring.

Friday, April 18, 2008


It was 10.48a.m.
My windows media player was playing 'between angels and insect' so loudly that i have to lower down the volume when my saviour called.

'...' (background noise)
'oi where the hell r u? it's going to be eleven'

HUH? it's going to be eleven, so? The thought of a potential prank came across my mind. The exam's supposed to be at four right?
Then it hit me. I realised i only relied on my friends telling me when and where the examination area is. For the past three papers i've got to know the exact venue of the exam a few minutes before exam. This fact didn't bother me and somehow unknowningly i ASSUMED the last paper's gonna start at four. Yeah, somehow assumed.

My saviour sounded frantic. I almost awarded him an Oscar if i am the judge until i realised i'm not a celebrity and i won't be punk'd.

'uh.. Huh?'
' aren't you coming for the exams? it's eleven u know.'
' ha?'
(short pause)

How could this be happening? If you gonna call me a stupid moron, i'll totally agree with you. What if i'm late for exams? Would i be allowed to enter the room? Do i know enough to take the exams? I looked at the line of balance graph that i was practising since 15 minutes ago and then realised i should get my ass up and start heading to college. And i didn't bath. Or brush my teeth. Or change the PJs that i was wearing. Oh well i did change my pants and wore underwear. But fuck. I'm late. I'm late. I'm late. For exams.

I checked the time. 10.51a.m. Usually a ride to college takes me 20 minutes. Approximately. Somehow i managed to remember to bring all of the essential tools to take the exam. My wallet with my student ID. My pencil box with only 1 functional pen that is almost depleting of ink, my favourite pencil,and another ruler someone mistakenly gave me. (The other spare pen was used for the 15 minutes practise and unintentionally left out with a ruler, too). My calculator. My bag and my bottle too. (they are useless at THAT moment, though).

As i reached for my car keys, i remembered that i DONT KNOW where the exam location is, and no one's gonna tell me when i reach there since no handphones are allowed when the test commences. I called my saviour, again, again.

"Where is the exam?"
"509. Where are you?"

i was multitasking making the call and reversing my car out from my house AND I CANT CLOSE MY AUTOMATIC GATE. Tried with the remote for a few attempts but to no avail, then i came out from the car to reach for the 'close-gate-button' that is beside the bell, the result is the same. Why is this happening now? If i left my door open what would happen to the house? Do i call my parents now? I instantly ran back to the inner door and locked it with a padlock that i didnt lock to save time to slightly save my house.

I'm going to ignore you, 24 Jln Tembaga, for two hours, then i'll be back k? I drove away, trying not to think about the gate but instead, the exams i'm late going to be late for, one minute already. Anyhow, i managed to think of both, throughout the journey.

' (guitar riff sound) '
One New Message:
"Room 509"
Aw.. How sweet of you. Probably just to remind me where to go to in case i forget the room number when i reach there.

Emotionally i drove. For a few instances my speedometer hit 120 km/h but i had to slow down as the vehicle in front of me seem to be moving like a snail. I felt like winding down the window and yell at the front person "IM LATE FOR EXAMS!" but luckily, no, i didnt. The thought of putting up a siren, horning non stop, passing through red lights, and putting up a sign on my car MAKE WAY IM LATE FOR EXAMS came to me. I even felt like fate's treating me cruelly for making every traffic light i reach a red light. And they were green when i'm approaching from far. Each time i stopped on a traffic light i felt like time is moving awfully slow. Ironically the feeling changes when i looked at the car clock. I felt like the clock is ticking awfully fast. Reality hates lazy and nonchalant people.

Will there be a place to park my car? Am i going to be penalised for being late? What the hell is total float again? What's gonna happen to my house? If i flunked this subject what would i tell my parents?

Then, then, THEN, i reached. I planned to be this very inconsiderate person who parks his car blocking a random stranger's car for two hours so i can take my exam in time but its already not in time. Yeah, for two hours only. However,


As she's my classmate she's gonna take the exam like when i do, i felt more comfortable placing my car behind her car. I don't want to see scratches or a paper that says "YOU SUCK AT PARKING" clipped within the wiper of my car.

So i ran. Up the stairs. To the lift. 5. And so i ran again. I think i'm faster than the lift. and i checked the time at fifth floor. 11.09. 9 minutes late. 1 hour and 50 minutes do to my exams. In PJs.

And i managed to finish the paper. I feel like superman.

special thanks to
lba as my saviour, kkc for giving me an xtra ruler, lsm for giving me an xtra pen, tzj for making me do the pass year 2 weeks ago, ysk for asking me 2 do the other pass years so that i sat beside my phone, gwj for parking her car somewhere near the stairs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I can no longer yield the burden
rather i would just let everything be on its own.
love me
or hate me

it's too late to do anything right now
but i think
i'm unknowingly and subconciously proceeding
stubborn me
still willingly waiting for fate's judgement to bestow upon me.

Well i've enjoyed satisfaction.
if its taken away from me now, i'll still know that i felt that away before
that i was
and i'll be sure i'll treasure it.