keep out. it's boring.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


screamed my lungs+throat+heart out!
i dont think i feel like talking!
my tummy slightly hurts!
i dont think i can sleep early tonight!
but its all worth it!~

wonder when would be the next time cos nobody would wanna go with me :'(

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i'm so tired of everything
putting up facades so much that one day it'll be part of your face
it's so hard that if you try to understand someone from their past
because people change and then you anticipated wrongly
or because i'm just so biased i give people less credit.

in the end everyone shall put up a smile and get over with it
i felt so confused and ashamed that im worrying about this
imma seclude myself
hide beneath a blanket and rise when i feel like it.


i never wished.
for a reason that i'm so confident because you know my fondness of numbers
i would never forget your deeds
and the small details and moderate value that contributed to the gift chosen.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Tag

Here are the rules.
To tag along: you have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog,
tag at least 7 people (list their names),
and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them.

1. i collect mp3-s. well, many people do that, but i put all the songs i like ONLY and i can listen to them over and over again. If you live with me you'll probably be sick of hearing me playing the same songs again and again but i'll still enjoy it. I even like the artist so much i don't mind spending money to buy their albums even if i downloaded and listened to all or most of their songs.

2. if someone were to give me the divine conspiracy or the silent force or the heart of everything, i would hug and kiss the person non-stop even if it's a he.

3. i remember numbers slightly better than everyone. For example, dannyyap's number is 0175119567, samwang's IC is 841031076259 and jinggy's friendster ID is 7868820. But dont ask me what the speed of light is. It's 2.979954 to me. (i dont know if its right)

4. being good at numbers doesnt justify i have a good memory - i'm bad at directions. Tendencies of me getting lost in a carpark, missing a turning that i know that i'm supposed to head to, trying to go back to college from sunshine market and instead ends up in intel etc etc are very high. No wonder i'm still single until now. *sob

5. i believe in irony. Sometimes i find beauty from it because of the 'reasonlessness' of the two not supposed to blend together thing 'blend' together properly. For instance, i like vigilante shows like the dark knight, v for vendetta , code geass etc.

6. i dont like to eat apples. if that's not weird enough, i don't like to eat durians since 9 because my brother hates it. (i used to love them.)

7. i spend 2 hours trying to think of what to write!! i mean, i know i'm weird and there should be a lot of things i can write about, but this pawns wow and free gym membership!
*smiles idiotically like a kid gotten his candy

Now, besides listing down 7 weird things about urself, you have to list down 7 weird things about the person who tagged you. and post in the blog and tag 7 more people. hehe...all the best."

1. Her surname is ting but in chinese is 'chen'. Oops. i offended the whole family. :S

2. She is from penang. She knows where Penang Hill is now. She rocks! (guess cant say that much since i suck at directions too)

3. Likes to act a fool or innocent.

4. Loves pink but never include that color in her friend test quiz.

5. she cant drink milk.

6. Prefers being fat than have a slight amount of ache.

7. i could go on and on till 70 but 1-6 already took me an hour.

okay.. maybe its not about her being weird.



seriously me dunno who read my blog and if u did, ur tagged.