keep out. it's boring.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the end of all things to come

oh why this feeling is just like a deja-vu
associate once and then being cut off
maybe i misunderstood the authenticity
maybe i deserved too many chances all my attempts are stale
i'm starting to jade myself knowingly unknowingly
can someone tell me am i improving
am i being too aggresive or do i give up too fast?
aw the same life cycle continues -gain-go-miss-cry-neutral
just that everything happens in a faster pace.
and more puzzles about myself were put in pieces through these so im not regretting
though there might be disappointing times
but i am the one who chose my path.

oh and why am i getting silent in most conversations now
its so hard to please everyone everytime
you tune in here and you might mess up there
you tune too much and you might end up nowhere

oh and im working already.
i know its being like four months - but i dont seem to accept that i already am working already.
there's no drastic change on my mentality
do i need to grow up accordingly before i learn it the hard way?

oh and i went redbox again.
sorry and thank you for the torture. (though no one who went with me would be seeing this blog)
the amazement in all of your faces and the knowingly fake 'cheers' and 'applauses' made my day. or days.


happy new year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


screamed my lungs+throat+heart out!
i dont think i feel like talking!
my tummy slightly hurts!
i dont think i can sleep early tonight!
but its all worth it!~

wonder when would be the next time cos nobody would wanna go with me :'(

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i'm so tired of everything
putting up facades so much that one day it'll be part of your face
it's so hard that if you try to understand someone from their past
because people change and then you anticipated wrongly
or because i'm just so biased i give people less credit.

in the end everyone shall put up a smile and get over with it
i felt so confused and ashamed that im worrying about this
imma seclude myself
hide beneath a blanket and rise when i feel like it.


i never wished.
for a reason that i'm so confident because you know my fondness of numbers
i would never forget your deeds
and the small details and moderate value that contributed to the gift chosen.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Tag

Here are the rules.
To tag along: you have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog,
tag at least 7 people (list their names),
and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them.

1. i collect mp3-s. well, many people do that, but i put all the songs i like ONLY and i can listen to them over and over again. If you live with me you'll probably be sick of hearing me playing the same songs again and again but i'll still enjoy it. I even like the artist so much i don't mind spending money to buy their albums even if i downloaded and listened to all or most of their songs.

2. if someone were to give me the divine conspiracy or the silent force or the heart of everything, i would hug and kiss the person non-stop even if it's a he.

3. i remember numbers slightly better than everyone. For example, dannyyap's number is 0175119567, samwang's IC is 841031076259 and jinggy's friendster ID is 7868820. But dont ask me what the speed of light is. It's 2.979954 to me. (i dont know if its right)

4. being good at numbers doesnt justify i have a good memory - i'm bad at directions. Tendencies of me getting lost in a carpark, missing a turning that i know that i'm supposed to head to, trying to go back to college from sunshine market and instead ends up in intel etc etc are very high. No wonder i'm still single until now. *sob

5. i believe in irony. Sometimes i find beauty from it because of the 'reasonlessness' of the two not supposed to blend together thing 'blend' together properly. For instance, i like vigilante shows like the dark knight, v for vendetta , code geass etc.

6. i dont like to eat apples. if that's not weird enough, i don't like to eat durians since 9 because my brother hates it. (i used to love them.)

7. i spend 2 hours trying to think of what to write!! i mean, i know i'm weird and there should be a lot of things i can write about, but this pawns wow and free gym membership!
*smiles idiotically like a kid gotten his candy

Now, besides listing down 7 weird things about urself, you have to list down 7 weird things about the person who tagged you. and post in the blog and tag 7 more people. hehe...all the best."

1. Her surname is ting but in chinese is 'chen'. Oops. i offended the whole family. :S

2. She is from penang. She knows where Penang Hill is now. She rocks! (guess cant say that much since i suck at directions too)

3. Likes to act a fool or innocent.

4. Loves pink but never include that color in her friend test quiz.

5. she cant drink milk.

6. Prefers being fat than have a slight amount of ache.

7. i could go on and on till 70 but 1-6 already took me an hour.

okay.. maybe its not about her being weird.



seriously me dunno who read my blog and if u did, ur tagged.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


is she gonna wish me?
no, she forgotten my previous one

is she gonna wish me?
oh she's gonna do so

is she gonna wish me?
oh wait she never even bothered to know

come think of it, neither matters anymore
im turning 22

i dont wanna be abused anymore. i shall stand up for myself. and i did. and so i'm feeling a helluva weird feeling mixed with guilt and pride. correct me all u want but its what i really felt. maybe he'll change his perceptive or me or not. even though life's not fair, its never wrong to attempt to make it fair.

reality struck me again. maybe i wont be like this if i shared the same lifestyle as him. or maybe i wont even choose to. happiness can be met in various ways. guess i've found some but not totally. or maybe its just my personality to complain.
*frowns again*

i so am gonna turn into a 40 year-old-virgin!!

*slaps self and goes to sleep.

Monday, October 27, 2008

loneliness overdose

When you know your picture is gonna be taken, you smile. When you are introduced to new people, you smile. When you listen to a cold joke said by some not-so-close friends, you have to force a smile too. When life is happy, you smile gleefully. Sociable people can differentiate real smiles from fake smiles. Good actors can smile anytime anywhere so much that the action is doubted by narrow minded characters. Maybe they are really happy just the way it is. How can i achieve this happiness?

I never was a good actor. My expressions tell people more than my words about my intentions. Sometimes i feel like i suck so much at lying that i must well tell the truth and face the consequences earlier. But no, don't get me wrong. i'm not totaly an honest person. It's just that i never lie about anything major for signicifant reasons. or maybe i did about what i feel. i dont know. You can ask me a question today and u get an answer. Moments later, another person might inquire about the same question and i'll get another answer. Things around you change that influences me to alter my choice. However, i firmly believe that this happens to everyone too.

am single from birth till now. tried but failed. maybe my effort wasnt enough. maybe my methods are wrong. i think n talk about it alot but seems like the actions i've taken is inversely proportional to all my think-n-talking. sometimes i wonder if i missed a few buses. but its kinda disrespectful to the 'buses' to think like that. I say this based only on the expressions and way of talking which are only considered 'suspicious', not obvious. I'm told that, to success, you have to properly hide your 'pursuing intentions'. Since i've never had any luck at this, is it safe to say that im showing my 'intentions' too much? People i've 'tried' to talk to werent as authentic than the people i 'try' to talk to. maybe they think im desperate. maybe i am. and it doesnt help at all. sigh.

i might or might not play wow again. i hate the life resulted from commiting to that game. it doesn't make me know what to say to people, where even now i'm having problems with that. months ago, when anyone ask me to play, i would strongly refuse. am i influenced now? am i blaming being single for the rest of my life on it so i dont wan to play? do i disrespect if i dont play because its given as a gift? thinking back 2 years, i almost didnt treasure gifts given upon me. it's kinda shameful to mention around the topic of the gift to the person who gave the gift. But we have the right to choose right? and to all question stated above, i dont have a specific answer to any of them.

grass is always greener on the other side. but people around me are granted better things in life and are still complaining.
damn'em all.
and sorry too.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

shirokuyon goyonreehachi

am so reluctant to give up the number.
am so lazy to sms everyone to tell them that i've new number

have i really let go?
i know
any new number wont deserve the position
even if it is no longer anything
even if it is nothing to you
its something that i've treasured.

oh well. move on.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i think i landed.
life's been so dull.
im running out of things to say to anyone.
im getting fatter and fatter

so many things seem so high up on the sky
as if it is unreachable
shall i shoot the moon or just go with the flow that i usually do?
things arent the way they were before
i'm no go-getter
would i be able do change for the better?
c'mon, i'm already working.

it's not like i'm so happy with my job.
neither am i happy with anything else
being the opposite of materialistic is boring and bore-inducing
hope i can make someone (i wish there's a specific one) happy to make myself happy.

crap. symptoms of the imaginary beau.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


when i was gonna jump
i never thought i was gonna land so soon
now that i've landed
was my feet steady enough to support my body?
or maybe the collision impact is yet to come.

why do i not worry so much anymore?
i basically dont care about whatever that's going around the world
neither do i care about the specific details that's happening around me if it doesnt affect my life
even if it might be something that may be useful in the future
even if i know doing things last minute is bad.

wondering if its the lack of happiness that made me this way.
wondering, also if im 'given' the happiness, would i change the way i am?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Far Away

You're so far away now.
I guess i can only guess
But i cant guess if i still wanna guess

This is gonna be one giant leap.
so many uncertainties
so little interest to move on
every pleasure in life seems to fade away
or is that pleasure seldom happens to me
that i've given up on trying to make myself happy

You, too, are so full of uncertainties
i guess, again, that this serves only a reminder that life doesn't suck.
yes. tell me that im easily satisfied and contradicting myself
but its one of the very little things
that made meaning to the foolish life of mine

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I guess that's the only thing approriate, for someone like me, to say, rather than anything else.

Monday, June 30, 2008

White Flag

I'm reliving history.
I guess this is defeat.
No attention given.
No promise promised.
Ok becomes next time.
Next time becomes see how.
I guess i'm just asking for too much.
then i'm ignored, forgetfully.
it's not wrong to want something, right?
Higher frequency of initiatives proportionates ignorance
and you won't initiate a conversation with me unless its important
otherwise i'm a stranger
and everything else seems to matter to you besides me
I hate this feeling but i'm not going crazy because of these.
I needed to be somniac.

There's nothing i can do to fix this.
to suddenly realise i've fallen deep
i guess i shouldn't bother you anymore
as it bothers me more than you'll ever know.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Did i say something wrong?
seems so.
hope i won't repeat it tomorrow

i'm not good at this
after every time i did something i would come out with an idea to do it better but the timing is already out
frustration overcomes me and it makes awkward situations more awkward
i wonder how much can you tolerate
but i'm giving my best so that i wont regret in the future

hold on..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


somehow i dont wanna receive any calls or messages
although i dont usually receive them
but receiving before the time usually means cancellation.

but whatever happens
even though i might not be anywhere to you
i'm stranded in the desert for so long that a mirage of an oasis seems like a blessing to me

and whatever that happened
i actually feel some satisfaction
and i should be thankful upon the treatment i received.

till then, i'll continue enjoying the sight of the mirage, hoping for the illusion to turn into reality

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ignorance is bliss. not.

After receiving my results, i'm starting to wonder what's going to happen to me in the future. It wasn't as what i expected, but my disappointment slowly turns into nonchalance. This is bad, i know. I'm the kind of person who used to care. But i'm a person who's afraid of facing reality when it's harsh. Like now. Shucks.

Come to think of it, the effort i put nowadays on academics is relatively low. This is the time where everyone should work the most. This is what that determines what you do in the future. Yet i don't seem to have interest on it. Reasons? Many have been thought but they sound like excuses. Irresponsible excuses. Excuses used to make oneself feel satisfied for only the moment the person is saying it.

One of the so-called 'excuses' are because of the less stringent regulations around me now. I'm seemingly aging and maturing but that's just the word used to 'cover-up' for being rebellious. Although i'm a slob and i suck at taking care of myself, i get pissed upon being ordered to do something that i don't feel like it. Explains a lot on my negligence on my studies.

My friend even pointed out that i don't show interest on the subject i'm studying. Hm. I wasn't sure about that. I've being telling people i chose this path just to try out and end up continuing it due to laziness. And after those words were uttered, the fact, amplifies and disturbs me somehow. Then i start to think, i'm not alone on this, and there are so many people handling this situation better than me. I should be ashamed.

Things that supposed to happen are not happening to me. Maybe its not even supposed to happen anyway. I can list out a few reasons of it not happening though, namely my incompetence. Immaturely, i demand that exposure so that i feel that i have a life or a purpose. However, for that, determination-dedication-perservance-etc are needed. I lack that and i need that.

Then, when there's a large duration of associations not happening, more attention will be given. Questions will be asked. Lameasswhodoesntknowhowtojoke me can even induce laughter. Then, when the duration's shorter, i'm starting to feel what i'm supposed to feel. Blah, i don't deserve to complain too as efforts made by me are relatively low.

I wish i can be understood. Well, it's almost impossible. Guess i'm just too lonely.

Now I see the times they changed
Leaving doesnt seem so strange
I am hoping I can find
Where to leave my hurt behind
All the shit I seem to take
All alone I seem to break
I have lived the best I can
Does this make me not a man?
KoЯn- Alone I Break

Chorus of one of my all time favourite songs. There's a reason why it's there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


there's always a time when everything goes wrong
the time is now
it didn't matter that much though
i wasn't so prepared for it

upon that i went emotional for awhile
yes, i still am that immature irrational freak but i have a faster recovery rate
and im so glad i replied that way
only to be replied after another few attempts of initiative

but this chain reacts to other things
other things that matter and shouldn't be affected like this

i need things that make me happy
there's gotta be more to life that's worth living for
nothing's interesting lately.

there'll be sunshine after darkness
all i need to do is to wait for the dawn

Thursday, June 12, 2008

because it's different.

Where am i to you?
i wonder and wonder but feared to know if the truth isn't what i hoped for
nevertheless i don't even know what i hope for

i was always a runner from reality
always running from everything resulting in getting nothing
and complain about everything

somewhere in time it amplifies automatically
and yet i still feel uncertain
diminishing and reccuring
just like every asshole that comes and goes

more activities leads to more considerations
mistakes shall be remembered and not regreted upon
i no longer feel that it's fair to turn back the time for one person
because it's different
everything that happens makes you you today
and it applies to me too
forcefully changing fates like that is just unjust

and don't get me wrong. i'm an awfully biased person

Sunday, May 25, 2008



1. i'm depressed. because i just had a fish courdon bleu, a bowl of mushroom soup, a super-cute-mini chocolate cupcake and 3 scoops of ice-cream! Good food never ceased to make me fat! Noooooo~

2. I can't seem to hear very well. i don't know what the hell is wrong with me but i'm slightly deaf by nature. I hate people talking blurly and softly and refuse to repeat. if you were to do that to me, i will definitely take revenge by saying something blurly too, to make you feel what i feel. and i dont have a girlfriend! wuuuuuu~

3. james patterson and butterfly made me write like 'adrenaline'. teo zhi jing made me write like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

4. sometimes i wish i was a girl so i could be a beautiful girl. i like to be a pretty girl and get initiated by boys. hmm, okay, im not gay. but i wanna know how it feels to be stalked by someone the way i stalk someone.

5. i think i'm averagely smart. and yes, im honest yet humble. I'm extremely lazy though. That explains my current body figure.

6. i like lina the most at the moment though. MYMlLevenT is my idol.

7. i was never hugged romantically. i yearn to know what it feels.

8. i almost never buy clothes. i can wear antics or museum collections to public places. i don't think i know how to feel ashamed. The saying, 'changing relationship status like changing clothes' applies to me too. i wonder why i'm always single. sigh.

9. only dota players and a few weirdos know i like purple. when i was small i used to like green, then when i was primary, blue. i know, i'm weird.

10. i melt hearing female operatic/rock-ish voices singing along with heavy riffs and classical instruments. guess that made me a minority favouring bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica etc. oh the yums~

11. My favourite animes/mangas are death note, code geass and one piece.

12. Cradle of Flith - Nympethatime, Good God - Korn, Mudvayne - Happy are my favourite songs to scream when i'm emo. and suddenly i fell in love with within temptation's all i need & blue eyes, epica's mother of light and leaves' eye's elegy.

13. i guess i can't differientiate love and lust. girls i approach tend to think im perverted. *frowns*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Energize Me

I seem to not understand any of you. Efforts of trying to are obvious and fruitless. Backing off seems righteous and the only thing to do. I feel like a loser in whatsoever actions i do. In fact, i will be a loser either way. This life is not worth living.

Where is my fear of failing? Where is my inspiration to strife? I hope it is not broken beyond repair. It is just the way it is.

Make me think about it. Make me care. Make me do something. Make me good.
Maybe i should start by deleting my warcraft 3.

Almost everyone's on gear 3. I'm still stuck on gear 1. My engine sucks.

But it's not blown yet. It's not blown.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make It Happen

I hope i've gathered enough pieces of myself
to start something.
being doing nothing and hoping for something
will eventually get nothing in return
so, start something.

I don't think i'm motivated or inspired to do it
but hell, i dont care anymore

Sunday, May 11, 2008


If i were to vanish from this world
would it make a difference?
i don't matter to anyone
i don't seem to be a significant role in anyone's life
or is it just that i didnt make myself significant enough.

They seem to be happy
and i can only feel glad that they are happy
and i can't do anything about it
and it doesn't matter with or without me

If i were to matter in this world
would it make a difference with the current state of i'm having now?
is this just a reason to bitch and procastinate?
guess so..
It's never enough.

never mind.

Friday, April 18, 2008


It was 10.48a.m.
My windows media player was playing 'between angels and insect' so loudly that i have to lower down the volume when my saviour called.

'...' (background noise)
'oi where the hell r u? it's going to be eleven'

HUH? it's going to be eleven, so? The thought of a potential prank came across my mind. The exam's supposed to be at four right?
Then it hit me. I realised i only relied on my friends telling me when and where the examination area is. For the past three papers i've got to know the exact venue of the exam a few minutes before exam. This fact didn't bother me and somehow unknowningly i ASSUMED the last paper's gonna start at four. Yeah, somehow assumed.

My saviour sounded frantic. I almost awarded him an Oscar if i am the judge until i realised i'm not a celebrity and i won't be punk'd.

'uh.. Huh?'
' aren't you coming for the exams? it's eleven u know.'
' ha?'
(short pause)

How could this be happening? If you gonna call me a stupid moron, i'll totally agree with you. What if i'm late for exams? Would i be allowed to enter the room? Do i know enough to take the exams? I looked at the line of balance graph that i was practising since 15 minutes ago and then realised i should get my ass up and start heading to college. And i didn't bath. Or brush my teeth. Or change the PJs that i was wearing. Oh well i did change my pants and wore underwear. But fuck. I'm late. I'm late. I'm late. For exams.

I checked the time. 10.51a.m. Usually a ride to college takes me 20 minutes. Approximately. Somehow i managed to remember to bring all of the essential tools to take the exam. My wallet with my student ID. My pencil box with only 1 functional pen that is almost depleting of ink, my favourite pencil,and another ruler someone mistakenly gave me. (The other spare pen was used for the 15 minutes practise and unintentionally left out with a ruler, too). My calculator. My bag and my bottle too. (they are useless at THAT moment, though).

As i reached for my car keys, i remembered that i DONT KNOW where the exam location is, and no one's gonna tell me when i reach there since no handphones are allowed when the test commences. I called my saviour, again, again.

"Where is the exam?"
"509. Where are you?"

i was multitasking making the call and reversing my car out from my house AND I CANT CLOSE MY AUTOMATIC GATE. Tried with the remote for a few attempts but to no avail, then i came out from the car to reach for the 'close-gate-button' that is beside the bell, the result is the same. Why is this happening now? If i left my door open what would happen to the house? Do i call my parents now? I instantly ran back to the inner door and locked it with a padlock that i didnt lock to save time to slightly save my house.

I'm going to ignore you, 24 Jln Tembaga, for two hours, then i'll be back k? I drove away, trying not to think about the gate but instead, the exams i'm late going to be late for, one minute already. Anyhow, i managed to think of both, throughout the journey.

' (guitar riff sound) '
One New Message:
"Room 509"
Aw.. How sweet of you. Probably just to remind me where to go to in case i forget the room number when i reach there.

Emotionally i drove. For a few instances my speedometer hit 120 km/h but i had to slow down as the vehicle in front of me seem to be moving like a snail. I felt like winding down the window and yell at the front person "IM LATE FOR EXAMS!" but luckily, no, i didnt. The thought of putting up a siren, horning non stop, passing through red lights, and putting up a sign on my car MAKE WAY IM LATE FOR EXAMS came to me. I even felt like fate's treating me cruelly for making every traffic light i reach a red light. And they were green when i'm approaching from far. Each time i stopped on a traffic light i felt like time is moving awfully slow. Ironically the feeling changes when i looked at the car clock. I felt like the clock is ticking awfully fast. Reality hates lazy and nonchalant people.

Will there be a place to park my car? Am i going to be penalised for being late? What the hell is total float again? What's gonna happen to my house? If i flunked this subject what would i tell my parents?

Then, then, THEN, i reached. I planned to be this very inconsiderate person who parks his car blocking a random stranger's car for two hours so i can take my exam in time but its already not in time. Yeah, for two hours only. However,


As she's my classmate she's gonna take the exam like when i do, i felt more comfortable placing my car behind her car. I don't want to see scratches or a paper that says "YOU SUCK AT PARKING" clipped within the wiper of my car.

So i ran. Up the stairs. To the lift. 5. And so i ran again. I think i'm faster than the lift. and i checked the time at fifth floor. 11.09. 9 minutes late. 1 hour and 50 minutes do to my exams. In PJs.

And i managed to finish the paper. I feel like superman.

special thanks to
lba as my saviour, kkc for giving me an xtra ruler, lsm for giving me an xtra pen, tzj for making me do the pass year 2 weeks ago, ysk for asking me 2 do the other pass years so that i sat beside my phone, gwj for parking her car somewhere near the stairs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I can no longer yield the burden
rather i would just let everything be on its own.
love me
or hate me

it's too late to do anything right now
but i think
i'm unknowingly and subconciously proceeding
stubborn me
still willingly waiting for fate's judgement to bestow upon me.

Well i've enjoyed satisfaction.
if its taken away from me now, i'll still know that i felt that away before
that i was
and i'll be sure i'll treasure it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paranoid Delusion

being taking everything for granted
being dreaming fantasy within reality

this temporary bliss
might come to an end
or has already came to the end

time to wake up
from hoping-for-things-to-come-to-me-without-me-doing-anything
and worry on things that matters
than things that matters to an extend only.

i'm so deluded i feel sorry for myself

but i'm grateful for being made felt this way.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


for the first time in my life
i feel like im alive
im alive~

i should savour the very moment of it
the feeling when a paralyzed person slightly moved his finger
the feeling when a beggar gets a ten dollar note

angel stabbed devil
devil pierced angel
wonder who's gonna win

Monday, March 10, 2008


One of the greatest gifts from God
be it taking an initiative
or being initiated

I'm still easily satisfied
look down at me
i'll look up on you

Progression, if, leads to dilemma though

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Easily Satisifed

easily satisfied
just because i was never really happy
i hope that i've found somewhere or someone to belong to
but that's just selfish
seems like i wanna drag someone down to share my misery

i'm not such a bad talker am i?
timing's not right
i felt wrong to feel agitated upon not receiving the attention i expected so
and now i learn to differentiate the so-called 'timing'
have i truly mastered identifying the very slight changes?

everything in this world, goes by the same cycle, just different techniques, different approaches
when you drift, you gotta know how much brake you need to apply, how much speed is needed to be maintained such that the car doesnt slow down too much, how sharp the turning is, what gear to change for big or small turns etc.
when you study, you gotta know what can you properly perform yourself, how well you could calculate or memorize or comprehend, how long can you concentrate and how many times of practices needed etc.
when you wanna live long, you gotta know what should be eaten and what shouldn't, how long your body can take exercising, the times you should eat or not, the nutrition content of the food etc.
even when you games, you gotta know what gives you an advantage, what brings you to the condition of the advantage, what are the specifications of your every skill, the limit of yourself and how you have to overcome your weakness etc.

so when it comes to trying not to feel this way, what should be done?

when you wanna socialize, you gotta know which group you can easily belong to, what to say to trigger a sucessful joke, what to say to make your point clear, what not to say that makes situations awkward, when to listen when someone speaks up, what not to say to avoid unforeseen consequences, what constructive advices to give when it's time to aid mentally, what annoying naggings to avoid conflicts among individuals, when and when not to judge, etc.

a thanks to all the people who made me realise this

change in writing style huh?
screamos now makes me cough
God must've hated me singing
Well, it aint strange since i tried singing CoF
i'm a free thinker btw

(haven't being able to write the usual way, this entry is just a filler)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Just when i thought im supposed to feel happy
its nothing compared to that
i should watch what i'm saying before i emotionally break myself down

its lonely when you dont have a particular someone where who can talk to disregarding usual conversation ethics
its lonelier when you are amongst a crowd where everyone has something, anything going on in their lives while you don't

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


certainly hope i can stop time at this short one week
although its nothing much
but it pleases me
call me someone who is easily amused
im happy being amused
so why bother?

and when it seemed to stop
everything that i do seemed slower
not that im enjoying it
not that im forcing myself

im not as focused as before
i like being focused
but i hate the fall after focusing and failing

Sunday, January 27, 2008


It didnt turn out as i expect to be
Different opinions
i'm pinned in between

i didn't do anything wrong
i didn't do anything that offend others
why am i still looked down at?

thanks for noticing
and pitying that i was used

and anyway
thanks for being the very few people talking to me
its being lonely, these days

i dread monday

Monday, January 21, 2008

If Only

if only he had let me fetch him
if only he went instead of sleeping at home
if only he didnt correct me when i say its one way street OUT from penang road
if only he told me no, but its near there
if only he didnt mention upr or the road arcs
if only the handsfree is louder
if only the phone loudspeaker is louder
if only i have some self confidence
if only i do not need to rely on people
blaming. Pointing fingers. Stop that.
but i wasnt issued a ticket
black fat cop did requested to look at my driving license
am i supposed to sign anything? i didnt.

mine, died, and i dont know why
i made yours died too and i dont know why
its stupid to feel this way
im innocent
why do i feel guilty
and when i thought its ok since the interest died, it happened again
im not following
im too pissed to follow
why do i have to pay for things that's not my fault?
i said i would and im told no need for awhile and then now?
maybe not the right timing.
im pissed at the moment.
sorry for not replying

fuck you for taking advantage
how could you forget when you just did it
but why am i letting you
maybe im too lonely that i dont mind being taken advantage for extra social behaviour
but then i have to know the fact that i can give
just that those that i wanna give to doesnt want to take
and still i have to give

and i thought the awkwardness cooled down.
why cant i follow to buy things?
at least im not expecting so much now

my right hand and legs are growing red jellyish spots that slightly itches and slightly hurts upon contact.
i look like im diabetic
my cough has not stopped for three weeks
my inner right jaw or gum pains when i open my mouth too wide
my new phone keeps having bugs that im wondering if its a prototype product.

its gonna be better tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


i've being trying to upload a pic for like 100- times and it doesnt work

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Memoirs of a Loner

930 am wake up and eat
945 am play nfs underground.
1130am completed the game (started 1 week ago, playing on n off). sleep.
115pm wake up and lunch
130pm lie on bed and do nothing
230pm lie on bed and listen to music
430pm mass download new songs
630pm dinner
800pm listen to music. again.
1000pm watch some kiddo movie - stormbreaker. nth else better to do. hate it tho.
1130pm watch gay youtube videos typing this blog.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Self satisfaction

being pressing it so many times i dont really know what should i say
when there's nothing to say just say nothing
i find myself saying nothing but crap just to fill time
when will this end?
i observed
the people around me
they laugh
they grumble
they feel accompanied
they say things that happen to them rather than nonsense which i usually say
im craving to feel accompanied
i grumbled so much i dunno what to grumble anymore
so i laugh

i'm holding on
to nobody but myself
i can't blame the environment that brought me up
i chose many things myself
the feeling of regret is just an obstacle or a demoralizer
people still gotta live on with their lives
so do i.

just another year.
happy new year.
i believe you i believe
I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healed
this is gonna be my new ringtone
my 6101 sucks playing anything
i should sometimes do things to satisfy.myself.
ur gonna be mine